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You love the weekly podcast, are you ready to participate in a live recording? We are so excited to announce our next event — a LIVE Podcast! 

We will be joined by Tami and Ben Wright to discuss Female Same-Sex Attraction and Boldly Living the Gospel. This will be followed by a question and answer panel with Tami Wright, Jenn Curtis, Myrna Moll, and Laurie Campbell. 

These wonderful disciples will share how they find hope, comfort, and purpose in our challenges and blessings from same-sex attraction and stay grounded in our discipleship, marriages, motherhood and womanhood, and focus on Christ and their covenants.

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This amazing live event will be hosted on Zoom, and is completely free! 

Female Same-Sex Attraction and Boldly Living the Gospel – Live Podcast
Date: Sept 8th, 7pm MST


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