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Kamie Bushman

Author & YouTuber

Episode Coming Soon!

Ep. 105 | Author & Finisher of our Faith

Christina Judd

Author & Blogger

Episode Coming Soon!


Ep. 104 | Law of Mercy

Joel Nielson

Professional Clinical Psychologist

Ep. 103 | Psychology of Sanctification

Dr. Valerie Hudson

Women’s Studies Professor

Ep. 93 | Mothers, Feminism, & Priestesshood

Kevin Ball

Temple Worker & Keynote Speaker

Ep. 92 | Embodying Holiness to the Lord 

Mark Kehoe

Disciple of Christ

Ep. 91 | Pursuit of Truth 

Rhonda & Farrell Pickerings

Todd Rindlisbaker

Meredith Stutz

Josh Chandler

Attorney, Author, & Shattering Triangles Team

Ep. 45 | Justification, Sanctification, and Consecration

Todd McLauchlin

YouTube Presenter & Shattering Triangles Team 

Ep. 43 | Understanding Faith Crises

Herrick Muhlestein

Isaiah Institute & Presenter

Ep. 41 & 42 | Defining the Covenant Path

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