Building Up Our Food Storage

Last week we talked about several ways to improve our self-reliance, because each of our paths are going to look different. Some of us will be guided to focus on more temporal preparation, while others may be told that they should focus on emotional or physical health goals. As we go forward, we will be sharing ideas in all of these areas!

Create an Emergency Plan for Your Family

The last step I would recommend is practicing your plan! We all grew up doing fire drills at school about once a month, so that if a real one happened, we would know what to do. There is a reason we did that, so we already had the automatic response. We want to create that in our homes too.

After creating your plan, make sure that each family member knows where to go, and what to do for each type of emergency. Can everyone get out? Can everyone fit in the space selected for tornado shelter? Where would you meet if you evacuated the house? Having practices and meetings sets routines for these situations so everyone knows what to do, and helps relieve some of the anxiety that comes with them.

What is Self-Reliance?

What is Self-Reliance? In our world today, there is this increasing pressure to become reliant on something. Reliant on support from governments, financial institutions, routines, ect. But as we learned throughout the Old Testament last year, the Lord wants us to rely on Him, not the things around us. The Church has encouraged us to …

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Ten Pantry-Friendly Recipes One of the biggest concerns I hear about food storage is being able to use it, so that it doesn’t go bad. I remember when my great-grandparents passed away dumping out jar after jar of food. We don’t want to do that!  We usually buy things that we eat regularly for our …

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