Shattering Triangles

We love our dear friends at the Shattering Triangles Podcast! Many times as we are starting to dive deeper into the meat of the gospel, we find principles or doctrines that we maybe need to take a second look at, and move past the ‘primary definitions’. These definitions or beliefs (triangles) that define our spiritual understanding, sometimes need to be ‘shattered’ in order to deepen our understanding of the Lord, and our Heavenly Parents. Josh Chandler, Todd McLauchlin, and Cameron Mayer work to tackle some of the common questions among members to strengthen faith, and deepen understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Scripture Notes

We are so excited to partner with Scripture Notes! This amazing tool helps you move from reading the scriptures, to searching the scriptures. With additional resources, note taking tools, and enhanced searching capabilities, you will dig deeper without ever losing your place. Get more revelation in less time with your personal scripture research assistant.
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Get to Know Oak

Don't miss our episode with Oak Norton, the director of Scripture Notes, about treasuring the word of God!

Five Stars from Users

J. Carter
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I can now study in a day what used to take me weeks.
Dr. Brent Top
Dr. Brent TopFormer BYU Dean of Religious Study
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I was blown away how good it is!
D. Layton
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Extremely easy to become immersed.

Teachings of Jesus Christ Podcast

Partnering with us for Come Follow Me, is Jocelyn Pedersen at the Teachings of Jesus Christ Podcast. Focusing on the teachings of Isaiah throughout the Book of Mormon, each week Jocelyn guides her listeners to recognize the theme and prophecies of Isaiah, and how they relate to both the Book of Mormon times, and our day.

These Come Follow Me lessons are available on our podcast platforms and at her YouTube channel

Isaiah Institute

We are happy to partner with the Isaiah Institute. We appreciate the dedication and work of Dr. Avraham Gileadi, and his dedication to learning patterns to unlock Isaiah, and the scriptures. We have hosted many members of the Isaiah Institute on our podcast, and love to work with them. The Isaiah Institute offers several resources to help you learn to decode Isaiah, deepen your understanding of the scriptures, and better recognize signs of the end times. With books, conferences, podcasts, and online tools, they are sure to have something to help you on your spiritual journey!


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