We are Christ’s Kingdom builders. Those who build the heavenly kingdom have always made nervous the people who are busy building worldly kingdoms.

- Neal A. Maxwell -

When All Hell is Moved

Latter-Day Disciples Podcast

with Meghan Farner

Join Meghan each Tuesday to discuss important issues, signs of the times, and doctrines that impact us as Latter-Day Saints. From diving into truly understanding the doctrine of Jesus Christ, to how to truly heal from emotional trauma and generational iniquity, to how to deepen your scripture study to strengthen your spiritual foundation for the days ahead, there is something for everyone who is truly seeking to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.


With a great balance of solo and guest episodes, this podcast is designed with you in mind. Every podcast aims to help you deepen your personal discipleship journey, seek truth, and come closer to Christ, and inspire you to ascend to new spiritual heights.

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Listener Reviews

This is truly just what I needed to hear to keep me motivated and spiritually focused. You are amazing for putting these beautiful podcast together to help us on our journey upward in these last days. I feel like I've had a spiritual feast
I have loved your podcasts! Very to the point and beautifully done. I know without a doubt that your channel will grow. Thank you so much for your beautiful spirit, optimism, and food for thought.
YouTube Listener
This podcast has quickly become one of my favorite LDS podcasts that I look forward to every week. She has such a gift & I have learned so much by the way she shares her thoughts and stories. Looking forward to supporting the growth of it!

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