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We love getting together with our fellow disciples to deepen our understanding of the Gospel. We host two virtual conferences a year, one in the spring, and one in the fall. Our upcoming conference is yet to be announced, but be sure to check out the recording packages for our previous conferences!

Live Podcasts

Want to participate in our live podcasts?! We have live podcasts panels to discuss our Shattering Triangles series, as well as special topics such as our previous Same-Sex Attraction and Boldly Living the Gospel panel. 

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Previous Events

Virtual Conference - Spring 2023

Our first virtual conference, Awake and Ascend was April 21-22, 2023. The purpose of this conference was to consider the “basic” gospel doctrines that we think we know, from a whole new perspective! Our guest presenters included: Michael Rush, Oak Norton, Mandy Green, Cory Jensen, Stephanie Taylor, Josh Chandler, Jocelyn Pedersen, and Herrick Muhlestein. We had 400 online participants, nine amazing presentations, and an inspiring Q&A with our Daily Discipleship Podcast host, McKay. 

The recordings for this event are available for purchase. To purchase access to this event, click here

Virtual Conference - Fall 2023

Our most recent fall conference focused on understanding temple truths and patterns there. With guests such as: Kevin Ball, Dr. Margaret Barker, Dr. Valerie Hudson, Rob Kay, Cory Jensen, Nicole Hansen, Meghan Farner, Cameron Mayer, and Farrell Pickering — this amazing conference to take your comprehension of the temple to the next level. To purchase the recordings from this event, click the Awake and Ascend link.

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