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Our Mission

We are dedicated disciples of Christ who feel the call to prepare ourselves and the world for the Lord’s Second Coming. We share empowering and fortifying truth to help us boldly live the Gospel, recognize the signs of the time, and prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 

Welcome Disciples!

We are grateful for all the things that have led you to us – most definitely, we know the Lord has brought you here, and we are so excited He did!

We love sharing all about preparing for the Second Coming. We talk about the crazy things going on in the world, how to recognize scriptural signs of the times, as well as how to prepare in all the areas of your life. From physical health and emergency preparedness, to spiritual, emotional, and mental resilience, we want to help all of our fellow disciples be prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

  Made specifically with you in mind, Latter-day Disciples is pleased to provide weekly blogs and podcasts centered on helping you build faith, recognize the signs of the times, and become the disciple the Lord needs you to be in this pinnacle of time!

The Latter-day Disciples Podcast

Each week, Meghan is dedicated to bringing you help gain insight on the unique opportunities and responsibilities of living in the last days, improve your perspective to help you see the world through a spiritual lens, and understand your divine identity. With a perfect mix of solo episodes and amazing guest interviews, there is always something new to learn on the Latter-day Disciples Podcast.

The Daily Discipleship Podcast

In addition to our weekly podcast episodes, we now have a daily dose of discipleship to support your study of Come Follow Me!

Join McKay every week day for bite size episodes with thought provoking questions to help you get to more of the meat of the gospel, and deepen your personal scripture study!

The Honey + Lilies Blog

Looking to build food storage, or become more emotionally resilient for the trials ahead? Honey + Lilies is our monthly blog to help you build a plan to prepare for the coming days. 

With our five-area approach to preparedness, you will have the tools to prepare both spiritually and temporally meet the challenges ahead and be ready for the return of our Savior.

The Secret Saviors Project

Just in time for the holiday season, our team is launching the "Secret Saviors Project!" As disciples of Christ, one of the primary desires of our hearts is to become like our Savior. And how can we expect to become like Him unless we become (lowercase -s) "saviors" ourselves? Administering relief to the sick, needy, and afflicted is a sign of true discipleship. Help us live this higher law by nominating you know who is in need, or donating to our Secret Saviors Fund. We hope to raise $2500 to help 5 families this holiday season.

Watch for Christ with Us

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