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I found the Latter-day Disciples Podcast a couple of months ago. The episodes and interviews have deeply impacted me on a spiritual level. I find them an excellent balance of gospel milk and meat.
Thanks to Meghan for these inspired episodes
I’m learning and growing a great deal!

– Keith Shoup –

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To Prepare for His Return

Our mission is to help our fellow disciples boldly embody the Gospel, deepening our personal relationships with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Parents. We seek to see the world and events around us through a spiritual lens to help us recognize the signs of His return, and awaken to times that we live in. We work to prepare to receive Jesus Christ – and aim to bring you content that helps you become more intentional in your personal study, understanding the Gospel on a deeper level, and prepare not only temporally, but emotionally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. 

Latter-Day Disciples Podcast

The Latter-Day Disciples Podcast is our weekly podcast hosted by Meghan Farner. With a great mix of solo and guest episodes, it’s sure to inspire your personal discipleship each week!

Honey & Lilies Blog

Our Honey & Lilies Blog is dedicated to bringing you action steps to prepare you and your family physically, temporally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the days ahead.

Understanding the Doctrine of the Temple

This course is designed for experienced temple patrons who are seeking to enrich their temple attendance and worship by deepening their understanding of the practices and doctrines of the LDS temple

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