Ten Items to Add to Your Home Storage

We’ve talked about how part of the reason we want our food storage is to help us maintain our regular standard of living as long as we can in an emergency. When we experience uncertain times in our lives, there is a tension that arises, and the more of our every day normal we can maintain, the more we can manage that. In addition to food, we are all accustomed to certain other things that keep our home running smoothly. As we are working to build our food storage up, we should also think about the non-food things we use everyday, so that we can lessen the interruptions to our lives even more.

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How Much Food Storage Do I Need?

Ok, so let’s talk about the biggest question we have when we start working on our food storage… how much do I need?

This is something I really struggled with at the beginning of building up our food storage. Storage is a bit subjective, which makes it difficult for someone write up just exactly how much food to buy. Because when I started, I really wanted to find some list somewhere that told me, “Dude, go buy 200 cans of corn, and 150 cans of black beans, etc.” But I honestly don’t like canned peaches, and maybe you hate eating green beans.

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