5 Ways to Jump Start Debt Repayment

Isn’t debt a four-letter word? Most of us don’t want to talk about it, because in today’s society, it’s sometimes seen as impolite, and also, it can be embarrassing to discuss our individual, personal financial situation. But, most of us haven’t scored that “independently wealthy” moment, particularly as we are just starting out as adults or young families. Which means that at we have to borrow money on occasion. Especially when it comes to things like a car, school, or a house. Which means, most of us has some kind of debt, somewhere.

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Personalizing Your Budget

Ok, last week we tackled what a budget is, and different methods to do so. Budgeting plans are great starting points to help build healthy financial habits. But each of us has unique experiences, and our finances are going to reflect that. I have used several variations of different budgeting methods over the years. My husband and I have found that we do best when we we take pieces of different methods to help us best fit our life and goals.

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Take the Leap of Faith

How do you feel about preparedness? Some of us grew up in homes where there was only the food for that week on the shelf, where others of us maybe had miniature versions of Costco in our basement. But, regardless of how you grew up, at some point, you get to be on your own, and you have to start from scratch. And that can be pretty intimidating.

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Budgeting 101 | A Beginner’s Guide

This month’s topic is a dirty word for many people, but one of the biggest factors in being temporally prepared truly is being able to maintain a budget. This month, we are focusing on how to create and manage a budget that works best for you and your family. This week, we want to focus on what a budget should look like, how it works, and some of the options you have available to you!

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